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When we talk, it is usually one on one therapy, talking and sorting out your life challenges. What specific needs, and how to improve them. I assure you from Day One you will have goals that are attainable, and you will feel better.

Couples or Family Therapy can be challenging if one participant isn't willing. My approach has always been focused on the whole, not one person. No need to feel threatened, as the goal here is for the better of the family unit, not just one person.

Therapy is an active, on-going teamwork approach. I am dedicated to helping you to realize your potential, and with recommended practices to make them a reality, you can better yourself or your child with recognizable results.

Most clients are seen on a weekly basis for 50 minutes. Children or adults with extreme difficulty may need intensive therapeutic services twice a week to assist in stabilization of behaviors.  I can be reached via text, phone, or email to assist.

Therapy and Therapeutic Services


My approach is to help you identify and address the underlying, or root issues, so you can become less stressed from the emotional drain of the challenges that you are facing.  I fit therapy to the particular client with respect and consideration for their individual differences. I feel it is important to connect with, as well as challenge individuals in order to facilitate positive change.  My counseling practice includes working with children, teens, adults, families and couples who are faced with a variety of issues including: Anxiety and Stress, Career Change/Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, and Postpartum Depression. In addition, working with couples who are struggling in their relationships is an all too common issue today. I am also Adoption Competent Trained, and work with many children who have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder.


It is just as important to take care of a child's mental health as it is for you. Children can be affected by the same stressors that impact many adults. If your child needs support working through emotional issues, call me and we can discuss the ways in which I can be helpful. I specialize in working with young children, adolescents, and families. I have helped numerous families over the past 24 years improve their communication, parenting, and allowed the family to experience less stress and frustration.


The children learn to think before acting, use problem-solving strategies and make better choices. These skills are learned through a hands-on, interactive method including games and a positive reinforcement system. Through weekly updates and individual sessions, parents learn how to enhance the newly-learned social skills at home. 


I work with individuals, couples and family members to help with: Parenting Struggles, Overcoming Communication Barriers, Restoring Trust in Relationships, Infidelity & Intimacy Issues, Developing Healthy Boundaries, Separation and Divorce.

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